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Explore new tenders from SANSA and track submitted applications

As per the decision taken by  National Treasury (Correspondence on procurement dates due to National Lockdown) regarding the procurement process of Government entities. SANSA will be extending closure times of existing RFQs and Tenders. Dates will be changed accordingly on the table below. We thank you for your interest and assistance with our procurement during this period of National Lockdown.

Take care and stay safe!

Bid documents can be downloaded from the SANSA website ( and the National Treasury eTender Publication Portal ( ). No bid documents will be collected from the SANSA offices (unless specified in the bid document). All responses must be placed in the tender box as specified on the tender advert, and communication must be sent to the relevant SCM representative.

If you experience any problems downloading a document, please email the relevant SCM Office.

SANSA Head Office :
SANSA Space Operations :
SANSA Earth Observation :
SANSA Space Science :

All bidding companies must be registered with the Central Supplier Database. National Treasury can be contacted for any assistance and/or for further clarity on the process at  or 012 406 9222. For provincial queries, see the CSD Provincial Contacts page. The bidder must read the General Conditions of Contract (GCC) and agree with the conditions. The GCC can be found here

Tender NoDescriptionBriefing SessionContact E Mail AddressClosing DateTender Document
Tender NoDescriptionBriefing SessionContact E Mail AddressClosing DateTender Document
S0/050/07/2020Provision of garden services for SANSA for a period of three (3) years.Compulsory briefing session on (24-07-2020) at 11h:00. Address: SANSA, HArtebeesthoek,Farm JQ 502, Mogale 11:00am

Download: Bid Document

S0/051/07/2020Tender for Electrical turnkey solution.There will be a Compulsory briefing session on (23-07-2020) at 11h:00. Address: SANSA, HArtebeesthoek,Farm JQ 502, Mogale 11:00am

Download: Bid Document

Download: Annexure A

Download: Annexure B

Download: Euro Diesel Compatability

Download: Schedule


EO/008/03/2020National Land Use Change Detection 11:00am

Download-Bid Document

SS/018/01/2020Comprehensive Travel Management Services for SANSA for a period of three (3) 11:00am

Download-Bid Document

SS/017/01/2020Architectural and Building Project Management Services Hermanus a three (3) year periodThere will be a Compulsory briefing session on (27-01-2020) at 11h:00. Address: SANSA, Hospital Street, Hermanus, 11:00am

Download-Bid Document

Download-Addendum to Tender document for Architectural Services

Download-Annexure B


Year AwardedDescriptionTender Document
2020/2021Awarded Tenders 2020/2021

Download Awarded-Tenders-2020-2021

2019/2020Awarded Tenders 2019/2020

Download: Awarded Tenders 2019 – 2020

2018/2019Awarded Tenders 2018/2019

Download: Awarded Tenders 2018 – 2019

2017/2018Awarded Tenders 2017/2018

Download: Awarded Tenders 2017 – 2018

2016/2017Awarded Tenders 2016/2017

Download: Awarded Tenders 2016 – 2017

2015/2016Awarded Tenders 2015/2016

Download: Awarded Tenders 2015 – 2016

2014/2015Awarded Tenders 2014/2015

Download: Awarded Tenders 2014 – 2015

2013/2014Awarded Tenders 2013/2014

Download: Awarded Tenders 2013 – 2014

2012/2013Awarded Tenders 2012/2013

Download: Awarded Tenders 2012 – 2013

2011/2012Awarded Tenders 2011/2012

Download: Awarded Tenders 2011 – 2012

Tender NoDescription
EO/006/11/2019National Land Use Change Detection System
EO/005/11/2019Support and Maintenance of the Earth Observation Catalogue
CS/002/11/2011SAP Support maintenance service for 2 years
CS/007/06/2012Lease of office space
SS/001/04/2013Security services
CS/020/11/2013ICT Training
CS/027/01/2014Public Relations Services
CO/035/10/2015Language translation services
SS/009/04/2016Tender for security guarding services for the Space science directorate in Hermanus for a period of three years
SO/029/07/2016Civil Works Consultant Panel
SO/031/03/2017System upgrade on 5.4m antenna
CO/052/06/2018Psychometric and Competency Assessments for the period of three (3) years
SO/032/03/2017Tender for high tension bus coupler
Tender Document

Download Submitted Tenders-SS019082020 Document Management Solution


Download: Submitted tenders-Generator


Download: Submitted tenders-Garden Services


Download: SANSA – Bid Opening Register – Comprehensive Travel Manangement Services

Download: SANSA – Bid Opening Register – Architectural and Building Project Management

Download: Submitted-Bids- National Land USe Change Detection

Download: Submitted-Bids- National Water Quantity Monitoring Product

Download: Submitted-Bids-National Land Use Change Detection System



Download: Submitted Bids – Sage Support and Maintenance Re-Advertisment

Download: Bid Opening- Turnkey Project

Download: Submitted Bids – Sage Support and Maintenance

Download: vSubmitted-Bids- National Land USe Change Detection

Bid Opening list- Fence-2

Submitted Bids – Internal Audit

Download: Bid Opening List of Bidders-Security 

Download: Bid Opening Cleaning

Download: Bid Opening List of Bidders-Fence

Download: Submitted Bids – Recruitment

Download: Bid Opening- Generator

Download: Bid Opening – Backhoe

Download: Submitted Bids – Commercial Insurance

Download: Submitted Bids – Employee assistance Program

Download: Submitted Bids – Advertising

Download: Submitted Bids – ICT Panel

Download: Tender opening – Cisco Collaboration System

Download: Tender opening – Vector Signal Transceiver

Download: Tender opening – Internet Services 2018

Download: Bid Opening – Psychometric Assessment

Download: Bid Opening- 2nd pair dark fibre

Download: Bid opening Miteq KU DBS

Download: Bid Opening-SAR data

Download: RF Bid Opening-List


Download: 201704-Bid Opening-list of bidders-Garden Services

Download: 201705-Bid Opening-list of bidders Dark Fibre

Download: 201706-Submitted Bids – Legal Panel

Download: 201708-Bid Opening-list Cisco

Download: 201708-Bid Opening-list High Tension

Download: 201711-Bid opening -Event organiser

Download: 201712-Bid Opening TWTAs

Download: 20171006-Bid opening Building Maintenance

Download: 201702-Submitted Bids – External Audit services

Download: 201702-Submitted Bids – Marketing and Communications Panel

Download: 201703-Submitted Bids – SPD Software

Download: 201704-Bid Opening-list of bidders 5.4m


Download: 201607-Bid Opening-civil works2

Download: 201608-Bid Opening – Courier Services

Download: 201609-Bid Opening- Cleaning Services

Download: 201609-Bid-opening Management-Supervisory Staff Training

Download: 201610-Bid Opening-Turnkey solutions

Download: 201603-Bid Opening-Self bunded diesel tank

Download: 201604-Bid Opening- KU HBK-07 ACU UPGRADE

Download: 201607-Bid opening Civil Consultants


Download: 201512-Bid Opening – Internal Audit

Download: 201512-Bid Opening-Monitor control room

Download: Bid Opening – CO-031-03-2015Online Advertising

Download: Bid Opening – CO-033-03-2015 Advertising

Download: Bid Opening – Payroll Outsourcing System

Download: 201507-Bid Opening-Ku Band converters

Download: 201511-Bid Opening ERP System

Download: 201511-Bid Opening-list of bidders General Dynamics


Download: Bid Opening -Internal Audit Services

Download: Bid opening Security Service

Download: Bid Opening- Space Project Management

Download: Bid Opening- Space System Engineering

Download: Bid Opening-list of bidders-EO-002-10-2014

Download: Bid Opening – Preferred Suppliers for Public Relations Services

Download: Bid Opening Cisco Maitenance

Download: Bid Opening Dual Converters


Download: Bid Opening – ICT Training

Download: Bid Opening – Management and supervisory Training

Download: Bid Opening – SCM Training

Download: Bid Opening ICT Services EO

Download: Bid Opening- Insurance

Download: Bid Opening- Panel of Legal

Download: Bid Opening -Soft skills Training

Download: Bid Opening-Comms Support

Download: Bid Opening-HR Related Services

Download: 201311-Bid Opening- Business Process Review 3

Download: 201312-Bid Opening – Comprehensive Travel Management v2.1

Download: 201312-Bid Opening – Events Management Services

Download: 201312-Bid Opening- Public Relations

Download: Bid Opening – Finance Training


Download: Bid Opening – Finance Training

Download: Bid Opening – Finance Training

Download: Bid Opening-Courier services v1

Download: Bid Opening-E-SCM.V1

Download: Bid Opening-SAP

Download: 201203-Bid Opening- Workforce Plan

Download: 201214-Bid Opening-Provision for External Audit Service

Download: Bid Opening- Employee Benefits 2

All suppliers and bidding companies must be registered with the National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD). National Treasury can be contacted for any assistance and/or for further clarity on the process at  or 012 406 9222. For provincial queries, see the CSD Provincial Contacts page.

If you experience any problems downloading a document, please email the relevant SCM Office.

SANSA Head Office:
SANSA Space Operations:
SANSA Earth Observation:
SANSA Space Science:

Rfq NoDescriptionClosing DateTender Document
CO/165/10/2020SANSA Brand Revamp22/10/2020 4:00pm

Download: RFQ-SANSA Brand Revamp(165-10-20)

SS/213/10/2020Preferred Supplier for General Electronics Consumables29/10/2020 4:30pm

Download: Annexure A RFQ – MRO Electronics and Consumables

Download: RFQ – MRO Electronics and Consumables

SS/212/10/2020Weather Station Sensors23/10/2020 4:30pm

Download:RFQ Document – Weather Stations

SS/211/10/2020Refurbish / Upgrade an Existing Mobile Lab (Toyota Quantum Panel Van)23/10/2020 4:30pm


SS/210/10/2020Equipment Cases for South African National Antarctic Programme21/10/2020 4:30pm

Download:RFQ-Equipment Cases for South African National Antarctic Programme

Rfq NoDescriptionClosing DateTender Document
SS/207/08/2020Local Advertising for SANSA Hermanus31/08/2020 4:30pm

Download: Advertising RFQ

CO/0161/08/2020Intranet Development27/08/2020 4:00pm

Download: RFQ Intranet – Re-Advertisement

SS/203/07/2020Supply and deliver office stationery04/08/2020 4:30pm

Download: RFQ Supply and deliver Office Stationery 2020.21

SS/202/07/2020Sanitary Services, Sanitary Equipment Rental for a period of three (03) years03/08/2020 4:30pm

Download: RFQ SS202072020 Sanitary Services and Rental of Equipment

CO/152/03/2020Internal Salary Parity and Pay Scale Design23/03/2020 4:00pm

Download: RFQ Internal Salary Parity and Pay Scale Design – 27022020

CO – RFQRFQ for Sanitizers20/03/2020 1:00pm

Download: RFQ for Sanitizers

EO/072/03/2020Marketing and Communications Strategy Development for DESA27/03/2020 11:00am

Download: Marketing and Communication Strategy Development for DESA

EO/075/03/2020Video Wall30/03/2020 11:00am

Download: RFQ Document for Video Wall

CO/153/03/2020Social Media Training Awareness Training20/03/2020 4:00pm

DFownload: RFQ Social Media Training

CO/154/03/2020Development and Printing of SANSA Annual Report 2019/2011/03/2020 4:00pm

Download: RFQ – Development and Printing of SANSA Annual Report

SS/196/06/2020Sanitary Services, Sanitary Equipment Rental and supply of cleaning consumables for a period of three (03) years12/06/2020 1:00pm

RFQ SS196062020 Sanitary Services and Cleaning ConsumablesAnnexure A -Sample List

Annexure A -Samples  . Suppliers are encouraged contact supply chain prior delivering samples in order to be granted access to the premises. Please send an email to

SS/194/06/2020Installation of water tanks22/07/2020 1:00pm

Download: RFQ Installation of 8 Water tanks

SS/199/07/2020Provision of UPS system to SANSA Hermanus17/07/2020 1:00pm

Download: RFQ for UPS

SS/200/07/2020Working at Heights Personal Protective Equipment20/07/2020 1:00pm

Download: RFQ for Working at Heights PPE

SS/201/07/2020Communication Link Kits23/07/2020 1:00pm

Download: RFQ for Comm Links

SO/445/12/2019Boreholes11/01/2020 1:00pm

Download: Boreholes RFQ

SO/444/12/2019Antenna bearings19/12/2019 1:00pm

Download: RFQ Antenna bearings

SO/443/12/2019Scanners11/01/2020 1:00pm

Download: Scanners RFQ final

SO/44612/2019Optic fibre11/01/2020 4:00pm

Download: RFQ Optic fibre

SO/447/12/2019Ducting and Installation11/01/2020 1:00pm

Download: Ducting and Installation RFQ

Download: Annexure 1

Rfi NoDescriptionClosing DateTender Document
RFI/005/08/2020Aerospace and Engineering Technical Expertise relating to Launch Capabilities16/10/2020 4:00pm

Download: RFI-Aerospace and Engineering Capability Extended Date

Download: Annexure A