Rfq NoDescriptionClosing DateBriefing SessionTender Document
SS/363/09/2023Preferred Supplier of RF Connectors, RF Cables, RF Antennas and Accessories for a period of 3 years27/09/2023 12:00pm

RFQ_RF Connectors Cables and Antenna

SS/355/06/2023Supply and Delivery of Liquid Nitrogen to SANSA Hermanus28/09/2023 12:00pm

Request for Quotation Liquid Nitrogen

RFP CO 285/08/2023Employee Engagement Survey08/09/2023 4:30pmN/A

Download: RFQ Employee Engagement Survey.

SO/36/08/2023Provision for advanced presentation skills training08/05/2023 11:00am

SCM-F-05 – Request for Quotation – Advanced Presentation Skills Training

SO/40/08/2023Provision for basic project management act08/09/2023 11:00am

download SCM-F-05 – Request for Quotation – Basic Project Management Act – Copy

SS/362/08/2023Supply and deliver cleaning consumables and basic cleaning equipment for a period of three (03) years30/08/2023 12:00pm

Download: RFQ – Supply and delivery of cleaning consumables and equipment

SS/361/08/2023Sanitary Services, Sanitary Equipment Rental and supply of cleaning consumables for a period of three (03) years21/08/2023 12:00pm

Download: RFQ – Sanitary services and equipment rental for a period of three years

SS/360/08/2023Supply and deliver protective clothing for a period of three (03) years.18/08/2023 12:00pm

Download: RFQ – Safety Clothing (PPE) for a period of three years

SS/359/07/2023Provision of Fall Arrest and Basic Rescue Training over a period of 3 years17/08/2023 12:00pm

Request for Quotation – Fall Arrest and Basic Rescue

SO/694/07/2023Provision for maintenance of cherry picker27/07/2023 4:00pm

Download RFQ Maintenance Cherry Picker

SS/356/06/2023Service, Repair and Maintain 2022 429HP 320kW Baudouin Diesel Generator at SANSA Hermanus Facility (3 year period)12/07/2023 12:00pm

Download: RFQ – Generator Service and Maintenance

SS/357/06/2023Repair, replace, maintain, service and installation of electrical fence12/07/2023 12:00pm

Download: RFQ – Electric Fence Service and Maintenance

SS/358/06/2023Repair, replace, service and install Palisade Fences, Booms, Swing gates, Gates, Turnstiles, Garage doors, Roller shutter doors and roller shutter window coverings including motors for operation of all the above-mentioned fixtures and fittings for SANSA12/07/2023 12:00pm

Download: RFQ – Palisade fence repairs and maintenance

SS/355/06/2023Supply and Delivery of Liquid Nitrogen to SANSA Hermanus05/07/2023 12:00pm

Request for Quotation Liquid Nitrogen

SS/354/06/2023CONSTRUCTION OF ROAD AND CIVIL INFRASTRUCTURE FOR SANSA IN HERMANUS06/07/2023 11:00am29 June 2023 at 12:00 at SANSA in Hermanus, Hospital Street, Hermanus

Download:Annexure A – SANSA SANS 1200 BOQ – blank incl Drawings

Download: Annexure B – 1001823-01 Rev1-SANSA

Download: Request for Quotation Civil Works New Access Road