Is a career in space science and technology for you? Learn about career and study opportunities at SANSA.

SANSA is committed to attracting, developing and retaining employees who are passionate about the success of the national space industry. Personal growth encourages employees to invest time in education and training through bursaries and training courses offered to them.SANSA thrives on our employees’ creativity, competencies and expertise and on their ingenuity to succeed in a high-performing environment.

If you aspire to the SANSA values and a fast paced and innovative environment, then SANSA could be the place for you.

The Agency offers bursaries for post graduate studies and internships in the science and engineering disciplines.

Find out more about what a career at SANSA might look like or contact us for more information at hratsansadotorgdotza

SANSA Values

  • Customer Centric (Solution oriented, Positive tone of voice, Engaging body language, In-time delivery, listening to each other, Being available.
  • Collaboration & Teamwork (Walking the talk, listening to each other, Sharing information, Collective decision making, holding each other to account, Collective responsibility, Understanding other’s challenges
  • Innovation & Solution Driven (Problem solving, asking questions, learning from mistakes, responding to change, exploring alternatives, having courage to take risks, having tolerance to accept failure)
  • Responsive to Opportunities (Can-do attitude, being available, being open to opportunities, actively looking and scouting, Continuously driving and pursuing opportunities)
  • Having Fun Together (Public recognition, cheering others on, accepting our diversities, being appreciated, Collective celebration of successes, Generating a positive vibe and energy at work)

LEPCO Culture



Learning is characterized by exploration, expansiveness, and creativity. Work environments are inventive and open-minded places where people spark new ideas and explore alternatives. Employees are united by curiosity; leaders emphasize innovation, knowledge, and adventure.


Enjoyment is expressed through fun and excitement. Work environments are light-hearted places where people tend to do what makes them happy. Employees are united by
playfulness and stimulation; leaders emphasize spontaneity and a sense of humour.


Purpose is exemplified by idealism and altruism. Work environments are tolerant, compassionate places where people try to do good for the long-term future of the world.

Employees are united by a focus on sustainability and global communities; leaders emphasize shared ideals and contributing to a greater cause.


Caring focuses on relationships and mutual trust. Work environments are warm, collaborative, and welcoming places where people help and support one another.

Employees are united by loyalty; leaders emphasize sincerity, teamwork, and positive relationships.


Order is focused on respect, structure, and shared norms. Work environments are methodical places where people tend to play by the rules and want to fit in. Employees are united by cooperation; leaders emphasize shared procedures and time is honored.

Employee Value Statement

At SANSA, we create opportunities to learn and grow, providing world class service to our stakeholders and clients through individuals that are energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about what we do. We promote a healthy work life balance, provide equitable remuneration and competitive benefits to build a motivated workforce that contributes to the long term good of society”.

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