The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) was established in 2010. Following a period of rapid growth and transition the agency has made significant advancements towards addressing its mandate of deriving greater value from space science and technology for the benefit of South African society.

Celebrating four years in space

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With the successful launch of Sputnik over five decades ago, mankind began on the journey into the space age.

Today, agreements in space exploration and the application of space technologies have become integral to addressing earth and humanities challenges with a constant eye to the future of our existence and growing understanding of our history in the universe.

As a technologically advancing country and part of the global village, South Africa is increasingly becoming dependent on space based technologies and applications. This country has a rich history of space investment, dating back to the 1950s, thus enabling us to be an active participant in the global space arena. As space science and technology remain one of the five grand challenges for South Africa in the Ten-Year Innovation Plan, the South African National Space Agency was born on 9 December 2010 through the Department of Science and Technology.

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