In from the cold

February 7, 2022

In from the cold

[caption id="attachment_10857" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] In the photo are the returning SANSA Engineers and the replacement team.[/caption]   Every year, a multi-disciplinary team is deployed to the Antarctic base - SANAE IV. This team is known as the “Year Team”


February 7, 2022

Farewell to SumbandilaSat, a proudly South African satellite

[caption id="attachment_10838" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Example of 12 years of technical telemetry data (power system currents and voltages) generated by SumbandilaSat.[/caption]   The second South African satellite known as SumbandilaSat (‘pathfinder’ in Venda) reached the end of its life and

A Centre Of Excellence in HF Communications

January 19, 2022

SANSA: Ten years of Excellence in HF Communications

High-Frequency communications or HF is an essential tool used across the globe and especially on the African continent for long-distance communications.  Many sectors across the continent rely greatly on HF communications for different purposes. Such sectors include the Aviation,

December 17, 2021

The Solar Eclipse of 2021

It takes a year for the Earth to go around the Sun, and it takes a month for the Moon to go around the Earth.  These two orbits sometimes line up perfectly to have the Moon directly between the

December 15, 2021

International Space Weather Camp 2022

  International Space Weather Camp    The International Space Weather Camp (ISWC) provides an incredible opportunity for students from South Africa, the USA, and Germany to learn about space weather, a relatively new and exciting field involving the study

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