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SANSA was created to promote the use of space and strengthen cooperation in space-related activities while fostering research in space science, advancing scientific engineering through developing human capital, and supporting industrial development in space technologies. The research and work carried out at SANSA focuses on Earth observation, space science, space engineering and space operations. Much of this work involves monitoring the Earth for policy and decision making, resource and disaster management, food security and national security. SANSA also provides state-of-the-art facilities to monitor space weather, provide launch support and data downloads as well as supporting the growth of the local space industry.

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The Department of Science and Innovation seeks to boost socio-economic development in South Africa through research and innovation. To achieve its goals, the Department provides leadership, an enabling environment and resources for science, technology and innovation. Through its Programmes (Administration; Technology Innovation; International Cooperation and Resources; Research Development and Support; and Socio-economic Innovation Partnerships) and several entities that work alongside it, the Department is accomplishing groundbreaking science and enhancing the well-being of all South Africans. Read More

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