July 26, 2021

User requirements study for the SIH

The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) is in the process of conducting a User Requirement study to determine and understand the needs for key value sectors to be better enabled to use Earth Observation (EO) data. The information from this  study will be used to better design and position future Earth Observation missions within the upstream and provide relevant data and downstream services.

SANSA has appointed COOi Studios to manage the logistics of this study with key stakeholders having been identified to participate in a series of engagements that include interviews and workshops.

The information gained seeks to shape the implementation of the Space Infrastructure Hub, SANSA’s offering to the EO community and drive Earth Observation innovation and usage within the Earth Observation community. This will result in better interactions between SANSA, Government, Science councils and industry.

This study is also expected to provide valuable information and opportunities to attract new stakeholders into the current South African Earth Observation industry and on the Continent.

The study will focus on the thematic areas of Agriculture & Forestry, Built Environment (including Human Settlements & Infrastructure), Marine & Maritime, Water Resource Management, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Energy, Atmosphere, Disaster Management, Climate Change and Land Cover/Use. Stakeholders from across government, science councils, academia and industry will be engaged in this process.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is also conducting a separate study to assist users and develop roadmaps for the uptake of Earth Observation data within industry. SANSA’s study will focus more on the detailed User Requirements. The findings from these studies align to ensure an enhanced and inspired future for Earth Observation data solutions for both public and private sectors.

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