A wondrous world of hidden treasure awaits those brave enough to journey to the land of ice and snow. Antarctica, a land often described as the coldest, windiest, driest, least populated and most remote corner of the world, is not

  While the new SuperDARN digital radar has been installed in Antarctica, back on the home front SANSA is managing an experimental aspect of South Africa's first CubeSAT mission. The experiment aims to determine how to broadcast a high frequency radio

Three projects offer a deeper understanding of the world of space plasma. A digital upgrade to the South African SuperDARN radar in Antarctica, the construction of a High Frequency Direction Finding (HF/DF) interferometer array, and the tricky business of uncoiling a

Embarking on a journey to the frozen continent of Antarctica is a once in a life time experience filled with mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety about what lies ahead. Cornelia Oberholzer, Philip Mey, Padraig Riley, Paul McQueen, Nadia Hansa, Claire