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Space Weather Services

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SANSA is host to the only Space Weather Regional Warning Centre in Africa and operates as part of the International Space Environment Service (ISES). SANSA's Space Weather Centre provides an important service to the nation by monitoring the Sun and it's activity, providing space weather forecasts, warnings, alerts, and environmental data on space weather conditions.

Client Support
SANSA provides support by means of the provision of space weather information and training. The purpose of this information is it's use to protect a wide range of systems and technologies that may be affected by space weather. These include:
• HF radio systems, such as communication and surveillance systems
• Power systems and long pipelines
• Satellite, spacecraft and airline operations

What We Offer

• Real-time forecasting and monitoring of space weather to reduce and mitigate the risk of the impact of space weather on technology, critical infrastructure and human activities.
• Tailored information/data for space weather-related requirements, such as HF propagation forecasts for various clients.
• Facilitate communication and service co-ordination regarding space weather, particularly during periods of extreme space weather activity.
• Promote the understanding of space weather and its effects among users, researchers, the media and the general public.

Space weather products and services are required primarily for communication and navigation systems, in the defence, aeronautics, navigation and communication sectors. The Space Weather Centre offers products and services to both the general public and clients.

Find out more about the space weather products and services at the SANSA Space Weather Centre

Applied Science and Magnetic Technology Services

DSC 5651jmWorking closely with players in the local space industry, SANSA sources and calibrates magnetic sensors for integration on-board dynamic platforms such as satellites. SANSA's facilities in Hermanus are well suited for characterising and calibrating magnetic sensors, as well as identifying the magnetic signature of dynamic platforms prior to sensor integration. SANSA is recognised as a national expert in various magnetic technology applications.

What We Offer
  • Calibration and maintenance of landing compasses
  • Presentation of training courses regarding aircraft compass swing procedures
  • Magnetic navigation ground support
  • Geomagnetic data and field modelling
  • Calibration and evaluation of systems containing magnetometers
  • Acquisition, evaluation and calibration of magnetometers for space and other navigation applications
  • Magnetic and electrical field measurements and management
  • Support with degaussing marine vessels
  • Execution of magnetic tests (e.g. RTCA DO-160G) according to international standards                                                                                                                                                     These services contribute significantly to the work of the navy, airforce and army, and thus to the safety and security of all South Africans. In addition, SANSA Space Science offers technical and geomagnetic services to private aviation companies, neighbouring national airports, exploration companies, and the Hydrographic Office of the South African Navy.

Specialised Equipment

DSC 5669jmSANSA is host to a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure to provide specialised magnetic technology related services on a commercial basis.
Our state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure includes:
  • Large 2.4 m tri-axial Helmholtz Coil system used to evaluate and calibrate various magnetic sensors and systems.
  • Zero-field (≤ 10 nT) magnetic shielding chamber for magnetic evaluation of sensors.
  • Non-magnetic temperature chamber (-60°C to + 60°C) for functional temperature evaluation of magnetic sensors.
  • High temperature Superconducting Quantum Interference Device
  • (SQUID) for the recording of very faint geomagnetic signals.
  • Various high sensitive scalar and vector research-grade magnetometers for measurement and evaluation of magnetic environments.            
SANSA Space Science is host to the only large tri-axial Helmholtz Coil system in Africa. The coil system can be used to create or cancel any geomagnetic field, and is controlled to cancel the local geomagnetic field in real time. This system is used to evaluate and calibrate various magnetic sensors and magnetic systems and can be accessed by other institutes. This system has a 2.5 m side length. Fields of up to 100 000 nT can be generated in three axes at a resolution of about 10 nT. The homogeneous area in the centre of the coil system, where the uniformity is 0.01%, is an oval form with a length of approximately 25 cm.

In-Service Training

Technology2SANSA Space Science offers various training courses throughout the year, such as the:

Compass Swing Training Course
This course includes a basic introduction to space physics and the influence it has on compass swing procedure; basic mathematics for the theoretical background of compass swing procedures; aircraft magnetism and its effect on aircraft compasses; the execution of compass swings and practical training in the use of landing compasses.

Space Weather Training Course
SANSA Space Weather Centre offers training courses in space weather, its impact on technological systems and HF radio propagation as well as on how to generate your own frequency predictions.
The training provides a basic understanding of space weather, its importance and how to mitigate space weather effects.
Courses are tailored to suit client requirements and are hosted at SANSA in Hermanus or at a venue convenient to the client.


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