First of its kind industry body to grow South Africa’s geospatial sector When we think of space, we generally think of SciFi shows such as Star Trek, or humanity’s current plans to send manned missions to Mars. Most people don’t think about space as a business enabler, and yet that is exactly what it has become over the years. The convergence of earth observation, space navigation and positioning, telecommunications and location intelligence is generating massive opportunities for companies in every sector. Observing the Earth, location and geospatial intelligence have rapidly gravitated to the core of digitisation and innovation. In fact, the geospatial intelligence domain across the world is set to grow exponentially as more and more business data is integrated with location information across enterprise level functions. This rapid rate of growth can be accredited to the continuous technology advancements in the industry, the democratisation of geospatial information and integration with advancing digital technologies resulting in innovative business models such as Uber.

[caption id="attachment_4761" align="alignnone" width="868"] The SANSA Space Weather Regional Warning Centre has been selected by ICAO to provide space weather services to the global aviation sector. Dr Rendani Nndanganeni, SANSA Space Weather Researcher, Teboho Nxele, SANSA Space Weather Scientist and